'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

16 June 2013

Sunday Kipling - Father's Day Edition

Happy Father's Day to all of you, my brothers in spirit. I'd say that Lu will treat me like a King today but she does so every day.

Of all the things I have ever done. All the titles I've gathered. All those things I have accomplished. The one I am most proud of, the title I carry above all others is Father. My daughter made me a man. She taught me patience and joy and unconditional love. The happiest day of my life is that bright, sunny morning when she came into my world and I was ushered into the community of Fathers. She is and always will be my Sweet Little Girl and I'll always be her proud Papa.

I salute all you Fathers. It is a proud and joyful life and the rewards cannot be measured on any scale we humans possess. We are changed from carefree to careful. From irresponsibility to maturity. From selfish to selfless. From alone to loved. There is nothing in the world like being a Father.

My little girl will be here in just a few days and that is the best gift I could possibly receive. I hope this day finds you all, Fathers and children alike in the company of those who bring you joy. Kiss the ones you love best and be mindful how precious they are. Remember also Fathers past, gone but ever carried in our hearts.

The Married Man

The bachelor 'e fights for one
  As joyful as can be;
But the married man don't call it fun,
  Because 'e fights for three --
For 'Im an' 'Er an' It
  (An' Two an' One make Three)
'E wants to finish 'is little bit,
  An' e' wants to go 'ome to is tea!

The bachelor pokes up 'is 'ead
  To see if you are gone;
But the married man lies down instead,
  An' waits till the sights come on,
For 'im an' 'Er an' a hit
  (Direct or recochee)
'E wants to finish 'is little bit,
  An' 'e wants to go 'ome to 'is tea.

The bachelor will miss you clear
  To fight another day;
But the married man, 'e says "No fear!"
  'E wants you out of the way
Of 'Im an' 'Er an' It
  (An' 'is road to 'is farm or the sea),
'E wants to finish 'is little bit,
  An' 'e wants to go 'ome to 'is tea.

The bachelor 'e fights 'is fight
  An' streches out an' snores;
But the married man sits up all night --
  For 'e don't like out-o'-doors.
'E'll strain an' listen an' peer
  An' give the first alarm--
For the sake o' the breathin' 'e's used to 'ear,
  An' the 'ead on the thick of 'is arm.

The bachelor may risk 'is 'ide
  To 'elp you when you're downed;
But the married man will wait beside
  Till the ambulance comes round.
'E'll take your 'ome address
  An' all you've time to say,
Or if 'e sees there's 'ope, 'e'll press
  Your art'ry 'alf the day --

For 'Im an' 'Er an' It
  (An' One from Three leaves Two),
For 'e knows you wanted to finish your bit,
  An' 'e knows 'oo's wantin' you.
Yes, 'Im an' 'Er an' It
  (Our 'only One in Three),
We're all of us anxious to finish our bit,
  An' we want to get 'ome to our tea!

Yes, It an' 'Er an' 'Im,
  Which often makes me think
The married man must sink or swim
  An' -- 'e can't afford to sink!
Oh, 'Im an' It an' 'Er
  Since Adam an' Eve began!
So I'd rather fight with the bacheler
  An' be nursed by the married man!


Paladin said...

I second everything you wrote whole heartedly. Happy Fathers Day, Six.

Six said...

Thanks Paladin and happy Father's Day to you as well!

God, Gals, Guns, Grub said...

Hope you had a good day Six... and how 'bout an dog update on the leg sometime...

Dann in Ohio

Six said...

Thanks Dann. Will do my friend. I'll do another canine Broken Leg Care post this week.

Monkeywrangler said...

I hope you had a grad Father's Day, Six! Time with family is the best.


Six said...

Amen Vic. Hope your guy had a great one as well. Give the big guy my best.