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17 August 2012

On Dogs And Chewing And New Toys

No no, not a new gun. The gun fund is still recovering so even though I'm eyeballing a few there won't be anything new in the offing for a bit yet. The new toy is for Angus and I think he's in love. Or at least in neutered doggie lust.

Here he is at the front door, waiting patiently. "Is it time to go yet? IsItIsItIsItIsIt? Come on fat boy, shake a leg here. You promised me a new toy. You Promised!" Isn't he cute?

So off to the doggie toy store we went. We walked through and I gave him his lead to investigate and even try out some new stuff. We bought a new frisbee (he tends to eat them at a fairly prodigious rate) and a new ball (ditto tennis balls) but when it came to the stuffed toys he was in canine nirvana. He wanted everything. We settled on a fuzzy ball that was on sale. Not that I was motivated by that. Not at all. Still, as soon as we got settled into the truck he was nose deep in the bag, trying to extract it. "Is that Mine? Is it? It is? Hooray!" When we got home and he finally got to play with it...

It Was JOY!!

That is Happy Dog, One Each, Black In Color. He tossed it and he fetched it and he snuggled with it and he chewed it. Fuzzy happiness.

Angus doesn't get a lot of fuzzy toys, even though he loves them, because he's a destructive chewer and they sometimes make him, let's just Over Hormoned Teenaged Boy and leave it at that.  We had to take away his stuffed gorilla when he was little because he was...well, humping the crap out of it. He gets it back every once in a while but as soon as the....humping begins back on the shelf it goes. This one I bought strictly as a throw away which is a very good thing because...

This was it's condition after a couple of hours of play. See this is why we can't have nice things and why I buy el cheapo.

Lu swears she can repair it long enough for at least one more go around. Every time Angus spots it on the table he sits, stares at it and whines softly. Not that he's impatient or anything.

As I sit typing this I am getting The Look. You all know the one. The 'you need to take me outside and play with me because your socks are looking mighty tasty and I've been eyeballing that sofa cushion for weeks' look. Best not to tempt fate and Angus' willpower. His idea of self control is only eating one pair of underwear a night. He is the black hole of mischief after all.

I hope you all have a fine day and a better weekend. As for me, I'm going to go outside and play with my dog. Come on Angus, let's go!


Keads said...

I hope y'all have a great weekend!

Murphy's Law said...

LOLOL. Go Angus, Go Angus!

Six said...

Thanks guys!

Brigid said...

He's getting to be such a big boy!

Barkley usually reserves the humping for when guests come over and then he has to show what he can do to his big plush dog bed, folding it up like a blow up doll and just going at it.

I should charge a cover charge.

Thanks for the smiles, after two days of home computer issues I was ready.

Six said...

He really is Brigid. I can't believe this is the same tiny puppy I brought home a bare year ago.

They're like kids. Angels when no one is around but as soon as company arrives it's Katie bar the door!

You're welcome and thanks for the visit. You guys take care. Talk to you soon, I swear.

Chas Clifton said...

A very chewy Chesapeake Bay retriever in my household has yet to destroy his extra-strength Kong-brand toy. I think they are worth the money. Smear a little peanut butter or anchovy paste or whatever inside, and watch the fun!

Six said...

Thanks Chaz. That is a very nice looking dog. I have little experience with Chesapeakes. I hope you'll stop by often and share with us.