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01 December 2011

Trails And Dogs And Kids

With the DO and the kids here my blogging has been light. That'll probably be the case for a while, we don't get to see them too often so that's where most of my focus is right now. One of the things we've been doing a lot of is hiking. It's educational plus both the kids and Angus get the exercise they need. Ok, me too. We've got a lot of trails and jeep roads in this area so the chances for adventure are high. There's plenty to see and we've even started some rock climbing classes. Little Bit enjoys the climbing but The Boy is a natural. He and Angus have already formed quite a bond. A boy and his dog, a dog and his boy.

Speaking of Angus. Isn't he a handsome boy? He's growing and maturing.

But he's still a puppy. He loves to run and these hikes are pure joy for him. He gets to wander and run and smell and just be free. That is one happy dog.

What's been amazing is Chrisi. She went into a deep depression after we lost Trooper. So bad we thought we were going to lose her. Then we brought in a certain small dog into her life. Her interest in life has returned and she's a changed dog. At 15 years old. Now every morning she comes to me and asks where we're going and can we go right now pleasepleaseplease?? It's been wonderful to see the change in her. She can't go fast but by golly she goes.

The areas where we hike is pretty rugged country. It's high desert and absolutely beautiful.

One of our favorite trails is Jem Trail. It runs through what was once a shallow sea. There are shale beds everywhere, prime fossil hunting territory. We're planning a picnic here so we can spend the time to thoroughly explore and look for remnants of ages past.

The intrepid safari leader.

Me, the DO and the lead dog. No one gets ahead of Angus.

Hopefully, now that we've had time to spend together, I'll be back to posting regularly but no promises. There's trails to hike, dogs to run and train and adventures to be had.

I think I see a nice rock face that's never been climbed by man, dog or child before. Just begging to be explored.



Brigid said...

Angus is getting so BIG. Enjoy the time with the family.

Six said...

He was 52 pounds on november 15th. That boy is goingto eat me out of house and home :)

I hope you're having a great Christmas Brigid.

God, Gals, Guns, Grub said...

Good lookin' canines... We've always tried to have two dogs at a time... seems like the make good company for each other... When our first husky, Heidi, passed... our other Husky, Sarah, grieved and was depressed for a month or two...

Now we have Ruger and Sasha and they're good friends...

Dann in Ohio

Six said...

I agree Dann. When our beloved Chrisi eventually makes her journey to the Bridge to wait beside Trooper for our arrival we'll bring another into our lives.

Daphne said...

You sound satisfied, Six.

It's a nice thing hear from way across the ethernet.

Six said...

I am indeed and it feels really good Daphne.