'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

28 February 2011

New Computer

We went to one of the massive cardboard container stores yesterday so I could replace my no longer working quite right computer. I again have the capability to type the letters O and L as well as the punctuation mark Period. And the people rejoiced.

For the geeks who have an interest I'll give you the technical details.

It's a kind of brownish color with a rough sorta finish though some of it is black. There might be some silver on it as well but I'm too lazy to look right now. It has the usual buttons and blinking lights (They're flashing and blinking, flashing and blinking!). It has Meggies and Giggies and apparently a bisexual processor though I'm still not exactly clear on how that's supposed to work. It turns on and runs games and I can get to my blog with a minimum of curse words and practically no throwing of fragile objects. It has a bunch of stickers on it giving dire warnings and vague offers for sexual congress with nubile redheads if only I'll sign up for their product forever.

All in all a fine machine with which to sail the seas of the innertubes and converse with you, my gentle readers. I'm as happy as a Luddite who has a computer with questionable sexual preferences on his lap can possibly be.



Murphy's Law said...

"It has a bunch of stickers on it giving dire warnings and vague offers for sexual congress with nubile redheads..."

Get more info before signing anything. Bozo, Ronald McDonald and Carrot Top are all redheads.

Just a friendly "beware of lawyers" PSA.

innominatus said...

When people say "my PC went down on me again" it doesn't really mean what some might think.

Six said...

See, I needed you guys before I made my purchase. Gives computer porn a whole new dimension.

Brigid said...

Awesome! My younger brother would do a ride from Seattle to Portland every year with a group. I tried it once and I lasted 50 miles and crapped out. That talks a lot of training.

So enjoyed sharing the ride with you.

Six said...

Thanks Brigid. I'm dang impressed you did 50 miles, that's a great accomplishment. Lu and I will up our mileage and hopefully try another Century this year. Apparently I really am not too bright :)