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18 July 2010

Animal Cruelty

Some people shouldn't be allowed to have pets and in my opinion Lawrence Hodgson is one of them.

He left his long coated dog Scout outside without shade and water on a 97 degree day and when the dog ran itself into what appears to be a bad heat injury it fell into the Potomoc River and nearly drowned. A Park Police Detective jumped in and rescued the dog. What was Mr. Hodgson doing at the time? He was playing tennis.

Afterward Mr. Hodgson initially refused medical treatment for the dog without first ascertaining it's condition. From the video it seems to me, as a very experienced owner and trainer, that Scout was in serious condition and needed immediate medical intervention. Heat injuries can kill.

And who did he blame? Why the police of course. He admitted leaving the dog off leash (for which he was given a $25 ticket) but refused to acknowledge his own culpability in nearly killing Scout. He blamed the park Police for trying to capture the at loose dog.

Watch Hodgson's body language in the video. Does he look like he's concerned for his dog? Does he look contrite for the incident? Does he thank the detective for saving Scout's life? Or does he rather look like an arrogant asshole who is more concerned about his image than his dog?

Mr. Hodgson, I love my dogs and they are treated like members of my family instead of possessions to be treated with disrespect and contempt. Do Scout a favor and turn him over to someone who will love him and give him the care and devotion he deserves. If this is how you treat a dog maybe you shouldn't have one. I'll even step up. Drop me a line and I'll be happy to give Scout the home he deserves. I think you're an arrogant prick who believes you can do anything you want with no concern for how it affects anyone else.

Including an innocent dog who damn well deserves better.

I'm naming Lawrence Hodgson my Asshole of the Month. Enjoy it Mr. Hodgson, you richly deserve it.


Update. Sadly Scout died, apparently after this putz took him out of the hospital against veterinarian orders. May Hodgson suffer the same fate.


Anonymous said...

I AGREE!!! I saw this jerkface on the local news, what a self-centered a**hole. I hope he gets pilloried in the press, and gives up the dog. Poor animal, what it must have suffered, and how lucky it was to be rescued. You can imagine this d*ckhead probably didn't want to incur any medical expenses. The newspaper said he took the dog home against their advice.

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly.

Anonymous said...

Lawrence Hodgson runs a business called Hodgson Design Build and this is their listing. Probably his home address and phone number.

506 A St SE
Washington D.C., DC 20003
(202) 546-9725

instinct said...

I will bet dollars to doughnuts that the only reason he keeps the dog is because he is one of those assholes who has the attitude of "It's MY property!".

So, even if he doesn't want it, he won't let anyone else have it either.

dick said...

Let's see if I can post a comment now...
Earlier, it wouldn't let me.

Mr. Hodgson is one of those fellows who could benefit from a round being placed neatly in the back of his skull.

Six said...

Thanks everyone for weighing in and the info. Yep, this guy is a first class putz.

Sorry about that Dick. It wasn't my fault, I swear. Al Gore's been fiddling with the internet again!

Anonymous said...

I've already written him a nice note congratulating him on killing his dog.

Six said...

Good for you. I hope he gets lots and lots of notoriety, the festering pissant.