'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

28 March 2009


I'm going to write his name once and only once in this blog.

Arnold Schwarzenegger. Hereinafter and forever more known here as Priscilla. Why Priscilla?

Because I couldn't think of anything more insulting and degrading to call him. And oh yes, I'd be more than happy to call Priscilla by his new name to his face. If I get the chance I will. Hey Priscilla, you listening? You have completely screwed this state. You did none of the things you promised to do and that we elected your stupid ass to do. I'm done with your treasonous ass. You've shown your true colors and they're cowardly yellow and communist red you miserable fuck.

I watched them bury my brothers yesterday. I saw all you liberal fucks up there talking, talking, talking. You wouldn't know the meaning of courage, honor or sacrifice if it was printed on the bodies of all those you crawled over to get to where you are.

Here's a news flash. Those men were sacrificed on the altar of political correctness and "race relations".

Those politicians making believe they grieved for my brothers are the same ones who instituted every backward, bullshit rule, regulation and committee designed to handcuff the police and make it harder for us to do our jobs and survive the privilege.

Ever heard of a "citizens review commission"? Are they really staffed by citizens? Every day Joe and Jane citizen? No they are not. They're staffed by elitist, leftist, America hating, Police hating scum who want us to fail and die. Google Cop Watch and then ask a San Francisco PD Officer about their experiences sometime.

Oakland PD has 10 Homicide detectives and 30 Internal Affairs detectives. Go back and read that again. 10 who investigate 100 plus murders every year and 30 who investigate the fine Oakland PD Officers. Anyone think that maybe the officers are aware of this little fact? That maybe they're concerned about taking any action that might result in an "investigation" and cost them time, money and maybe their careers? Maybe their freedom? Think you might be just a little hesitant to use force in a city where it will almost certainly result in marches, demonstrations and investigations where you're excoriated in the press and harassed by those who should be supporting and defending you? Called every vile and disgusting name imaginable by those not fit to wash your uniform?

Remember Rodney King? He was an ex-felon actively breaking the law and resisting arrest. Did he get his ass kicked? He sure as hell did. Is he dead? Why no, he surely is not. Would you, or any of us, want to go through what those officers did? Fuck no. Have a nice day Rodney. Move along. Move along.

Is anyone speaking about this? Is anyone forming a blue ribbon commission to investigate why the cops are so handcuffed, reviled and hated that we dare not do the job the way it needs to be done if our Republic is to survive?

Fuck no they're not. And why? Because they really don't care. They want us to fail and they want us to die.

You just can't make shit like this up.

You really want to stop the gang problem? I'm talking to you politicians here. Ask any cop and they'll tell you exactly how to stop it.

Go into their neighborhoods and arrest them all. All of them from the oldest to the youngest. Put their murderous asses in prison and tell them "You want out? Change and become productive Citizens." Keep their asses in prison until they prove they're rehabilitated and then give them one chance to see if it sticks. Any violation and they go away until they die in prison. Period. Want to know whom they are? That's even easier. Again, ask any cop. They'll point them out and tell you exactly who the gang bangers are. Racial Profiling is an invention by the communist left and lapped up by the squishy right, anxious to avoid being called a racist. Want to call me a racist? Go ahead. As I said before and will until the day I die. I. Don't. Give. A. Fuck. What. You. Think. Of. Me. Your vile names for me are all the confirmation I need that I'm right and you just can't stand it.

It's just that fucking easy. Will it ever be done? Not short of a cultural revolution it won't. And why? Again, because the liberals in power don't want it to end and have convinced enough of the rest of us that we're racist, sexist, homophobes who just don't understand. Crime works in their favor. They want a nation of victims. What they don't want is a nation of rugged individualists in charge of their own fate.

They're obsessed with the petty and trivial and use that as a smokescreen to cover up the important things going on. Look at Mexico. It's fast sinking into chaos. Some cities and provinces have over 1000 murders a month! The reply? The National Guard? The Army? A massive beef up and arming of the Border Patrol? No. Janet Napolitano, the liberal cunt, is sending a few hundred more officers and Hillary, that massive insult to a bloody Tampax, is apologizing for American drug use and taking the blame for us. Hey Hildog, I'm not sorry and I don't feel like taking the blame for something that's happening because of you and all those like you. You want to do something useful? Resign and shut the fuck up.

All the while liberal judges everywhere are emptying prisons and telling local cops, "Sorry, you can't enforce immigration law. That's reserved for the federal government". Liberal local politicians (Hello Houston? We have a problem.) are making their cities "Sanctuary Cities". Hey shitheads. They're not your cities, they're our fucking cities. Try letting the law enforcers, you know, enforce the law. I know it's a foreign concept but guess what? It might just work. Stupid, ignorant, traitorous insults to Americanism. The liberals want to legalize everything from drug use to prostitution and they wonder why crime is up? The criminals know there's no real downside and hey, it's not like they have to get a job to eat or anything. Throw in the gun grabbers and the recipe is disaster.

California is sinking into a morass of crime and runaway debt. Aided and abetted by Priscilla who is busy giving Hussein handjobs for bailout money these days. I believe that's called prostitution there Priscilla and prostitution is bad, m'kay? Where are the billions and billions of tax dollars we hard working californians pay going you might ask? Tax incentives for businesses to come here and put people to work? No. Into giving the hard working taxpayer a break so we can maybe spend a little of our own money on what we think is important? Alas and sadly no. How about no services or money (except for a bus ticket home) for those here illegally? Oh, we can't do that. Where's your compassion you right wing hate monger? Maybe even in a (probably vain but still worthwhile) attempt to improve our joke of a school system? Ah, that'd be no there Skippy.

It's going to every bullshit, liberal welfare program those retarded fucks can think of from disability payments to those who's only disability is an inability to put down the bottle or syringe to health care for those here illegally. I love legal immigrants, the key word here being legal. In my experience they're proud to be American, work very hard and try to assimilate to our culture. They don't tend to fly the flag of the country they fled in rallies on American streets where they tell me I'm greedy for owning my own home and somehow owe these fucks something for laying around on their lazy asses and suckling at the welfare tit. Hey you pieces of garbage, I worked very hard for a very long time for what I have. Try it sometime.

I'm going to owe a minimum of 1100 dollars in additional taxes this year. That number is dependent on a few things, like how many cars I register in this state this year (That'd be none. Shove that up your ass and see how it fits Priscilla), how much "stimulus money" Priscilla manages to suck out of Hussein's dick and a few other things. "Stimulus Money" is an oyxmoron. Call it what it is. It's Other People's tax money. Tell me again how that's stimulation Hussein? Apart from all the sex you're getting from Governors who would rather bend over for the Federal dick than remember their sovereignty.

It's time we take this country back. Vote these ridiculous dickheads out of office and relegate them to the trash heap of history. A fate they so richly deserve. It's time and past time to remember who we are. We are the Warrior Class and we kick ass. Don't take names. Don't even take initials. Just step over the carcasses of your defeated enemy and move on without a backward glance. They're not worth even talking to. Nothing comes out of the mouth of a liberal worth the assault on your ears.

See you on the long ride.

The Six

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