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04 May 2011

Training Course

I signed up for a Defensive Pistol course this Saturday with Crusader Training. The lead instructor is The Mad Ogre.

I've been following The Ogre for a while now and he seems like a very knowledgeable guy and a good instructor. We've chatted over e-mail and through his website a bit and I'm comfortable turning myself over to him. It should be fun and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm a firm believer in training and this course should be a good one to re-acquire my base and get me back up to speed. I haven't shot competitively or in a true training environment in over a year. When you're a bit rusty going back to the beginning is often a good way to get your head straight. I plan on keeping my mouth shut and my ears open. It's just a one day course but The Ogre wants us to bring at least 300 rounds so I anticipate a lot of trigger time. I'm hoping to get in at least one more course this year, maybe something longer and more advanced. Provided I don't embarrass myself on Saturday. This is a good chance for me to evaluate Crusader because they're Utah based and not only do training but also have a line of pretty cool weapons as well as a lubrication system that looks very interesting.

I'm going to bring 2 guns and 2 rigs. My primary will be the new holster from Michael's and the G34. My backup will be a Sig 226 .40 in a nylon duty rig. I'll be bringing the camera so pictures will be forthcoming. I'll also have a write up on the training and how the new rig performed.

Now if I can just remember how this goes. Ogre, be gentle with me.


update: Thursday. The day I need to pack and get ready. Yeah, I'm sick. Frickin' fabulous. I'm still going though, if I have to have Lu haul my semi-comatose butt to the range on the trailer.

update 5/8/2011: The class got cancelled. Apparently on Friday the range decided they needed 700 bucks from Crusader before they'd allow the class. It never ceases to amaze me how short sighted some can be. It costs the range literally nothing to allow us to shoot there. I could totally see a modest fee for 'range upkeep' or some such but $700? Now I have a negative view of the range and will pass along that view to others. Maybe they don't care. My only answer is we're all in this together. If this is your attitude you're not only doing nothing to bring in new shooters to your facility, you're actively damaging the sport and potentially damaging the possibility of bringing in new people to the sport period. Get your heads on straight. Kudo's to The Ogre who did his best to notify us of the issue in time to avoid problems. That some of us didn't get it in time isn't his fault but the ranges and the idiots who are running it.

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