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28 May 2011

For Gun Owners

Go see Scott. He's got something he'd like you to do in reference to the ATF's proposal to register multiple sales of certain long guns. I don't usually do or promote things like this but this is important. Our voices need to be heard and if this is how it must be done then this is how it must be done. I have sent out the letter myself. Thanks for simplifying things Scott.


Update: The gunnie awesomeness seems to be spreading today. TheRedneckEngineer has an awseome post up about NFA Trusts. RTWT.


Theredneckengineer said...

Thanks for the linky love.
A trust is a very helpful thing for those of us who can legally use them for NFA ownership.

Six said...

De Nada my friend. It's great info, especially for those of us who have heretofire been ignorant of them.

Scott McCray said...

Ditto on the thanks for the linky love. Thanks again to John and PT for putting the html code together!

BTW - 1965 submissions as of 4pm today. Keep it up and spread the word...

Six said...

My pleasure Scott. That's some fine work by all involved. I'll do what I can to spread the word. 1965and growing!!