'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

29 June 2009

Sent by The Sarge. He's retired Highway Patrol and I've been a cop for 24 years so yeah, we can post it. Besides, it's funny as hell!

The Six

28 June 2009

You're Wrong We're Right. Deal With it.

I don't usually do Sunday posts but I've got a bug up my ass and the little bastard is eating away at my duodenum.

I was listening to a 'middle of the road' political commentator. He was saying what I'm hearing and reading a lot of leftist (and a lot of squishy right) people say. The Republican party, and specifically Sarah Palin, should take the 'high road' and not respond to attacks, no matter how personal.

Let me see if I've got this straight.

Someone can attack Sarah Palin through her handicapped child. They can make 'jokes' about sex with her 14 year old daughter. They can call her every filthy, vile, disgusting and untrue name in the book and she (and by extension her supporters) are supposed to just shut up and let it go?
They can attack Michelle Bachmann for being right and having the audacity to point that out in democratic ass slapping glory on the floor of the house and she's supposed to take it?
They can attack every one of us for being 'teabagging redneck racists' for going to a tax protest and we can't say a thing?

Is that what you're saying? Really?????

Well, let me disabuse you of a couple of assumptions there Skippy.

First. We conservatives are done letting anyone else define the argument for us. That's what got us in this mess in the first place. No more will the left and the squishy (who, let's just admit it here are leftists in all but name) tell us what we can do, what we can say, who we can say it to or how we can say it. Is that clear enough? Do I need to write slower and use smaller words? I and every self respecting conservative out there are done listening to people who clearly do not have our best interests at heart. Telling me to 'take the high road' is really telling me not to argue and that's a recipe for losing. Wait, we already found that out didn't we? See, we can learn lessons and this one was courtesy of the very people who are now telling us to shut up about it. Oops, maybe I wasn't suppose to let that slip. Sorry Skippy, if there's one thing the Warrior Class can do it's debrief a critical incident. Always.

Second. It is not poor judgement, anger issues, stupidity, lack of self control, lack of grace, or any other euphemism you want to hang on us, to defend ourselves against attack. This is at the heart of the liberal plan to defeat conservatism in America forever. Take away our ability to defend ourselves and pound away until everyone is too afraid to espouse any belief but the 'proper one'. That is americanliberalism in case I wasn't being clear.

Third. Defending ourselves works. Every time. It's practically the only way to get our ideas out there so the general public can see them. Certainly the msm won't do it. Journalistic integrity is now an oxymoron. Isn't that rich. The left hates for us to do it because they have no answer to truth. When Michelle Bachmann pins a writhing timmy geitner to the wall with her penetrating questions and steely gaze, when Sarah Palin galvanizes America as we haven't been since Reagan, the left screams in terror and begins the personal attacks because they have no other answer. Americans really would prefer freedom. You've gotta do a lot of very fast talking to convince them to put on the yoke. Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann standing there being tall, proud American Conservative role models is just stinkin' unfair isn't it? Gotta cut them down to size. Only problem is they're seemingly unwilling to be punching bags. Huh. Go figure.

So to all you centrists and moderates and middle of the roaders and democrats and squishy republicans and what all;
I will decide how to best defend myself. Sarah Palin will decide how to best defend herself. Michelle Bachmann will decide how to best defend herself. We're not afraid and we won't back down to threats and vile invective. Backing off and shutting up are the cowards way. You can take that road if you want to but it leads to only one place...a totalitarian state. Be a self serving, sniveling, placating, cowardly slave if you want to. Me and my brothers and sisters will belly up for a cold one and then take the fight right to the enemy. Just you watch.

Want to see more? Just look at the blogs on the list to the right. Pick one, any one, and go for a visit. You'll see a whole bunch of proud, loud conservatives who are not only unafraid, they're pretty damn obnoxious about self defense and that is a very good thing my friends. I love them all. Try shutting one of them up. Go ahead, I dare you.

Keep up the good fight America. Don't be afraid of being labeled by the left. They're wrong and we're right. It is just that simple. Preach the truth and if someone takes a shot at you, you wind up and give them your best shot right back. Don't take anything from these people. This is a fight folks. What used to be called a slobber knocker. We cannot win it if we refuse to fight and we can't even get into the fight unless we become 'decisively engaged' with the enemy(did I use that phrase correctly Ed?). Gotta get in there where it's raining bloody invective and never, ever give these people a stinkin millimeter! They called this dance and it would be rude of us to refuse.

Oh and by the way. Yes, Sarah and Michelle are Warriors. Oh baby are they ever Warriors!

Saddle up.

The Six

27 June 2009

Saturday Funny

Congress to Us: Screw You!!

Congress has passed Cap and Trade. Never mind the numbers, it passed and is going to the Senate. It will pass there and BHO will sign it and we'll be one step closer to servitude to the State.

It's getting late, maybe too late. My grandchildren are visiting and when I looked in on them I wondered just what kind of America we're handing them. Will it be a nation of the Free and the Brave or of the Subjugated and the Timid?

We are past the time for empty rhetoric. Past the time for True Americans to voice their opposition to this path of disaster.

This is my answer, sent to senators Feinstein and Boxer.

Dear Senator

I am an average American. I’m a veteran, a taxpayer, a husband, a father and now a grandfather. I am appalled at the course my beloved country is taking. The President seems intent on rolling back our natural rights in favor of the rule of the federal government. I have never before written to an elected representative. I have never felt the need. Until now.

I oppose Cap and Trade. I oppose the bailouts. I oppose Card Check. I oppose government run health care. I oppose more Stimulus money. I oppose ACORN and all it stands for.

Cap and Trade will cause great harm to the middle class. It will result in higher taxes and energy costs.

Card Check will create an America run by the Unions and their bought politicians. If we are truly free then let us decide such things as we have always done. Voting, for anything, is and should be a private matter. How I vote and who I vote for is no one else’s business and that includes in the matter of Unions.

Stimulus money and the bailouts burden us and our descendants with a deficit we will never be able to re-pay. We will be enslaved to whichever country invests the most money buying our debt.

Government run health care will be a catastrophe. It will take my health care out of my hands and place it in the hands of a government bureaucrat. One who does not have my best interests at heart. I will not participate in such a program. Will you eschew your own health care plan for the one being proposed for us? On that day I will openly support government run health care.

ACORN is an abomination and should have no role in government. I was appalled that those thugs in Philadelphia were given a free pass by this administration. The supporters and members of ACORN seem to have a remarkable tendency to take liberties with the voting process and that is putting it mildly. Did you imagine that no one is noticing? I assure you we have.

This is but a small sample of those policies the President, and you Representatives, are forcing on us and which I oppose. The list is far too large to encompass here but rest assured, all are important and I am paying attention.

It is not your job to cause such harm to us, the American Citizens you are supposed to be representing and you are harming us. It is your job to safeguard our Natural Rights and see to it that every American has the opportunity to succeed. Not a guarantee, an opportunity. Your job is to help keep us free.

I am an American. I am not ignorant, stupid or apathetic. I am the best person to run my own life and make decisions for myself and my family. I will not be dictated to by the President, the Senate or Congress. All of you work for me. You work for us. That is something I believe every Washington politician has forgotten so let me remind you.

The majority of Americans are just like me. We are content to let you run things as long as you do not encroach on our freedoms. We’ll pay our fair share of taxes. We’ll fight and die in our wars. We’ll shoulder the burdens of a free and open society. But we will be respected and we will be listened to. That is not happening. You are helping this President to enact legislation that will make us less free and that is anathema to all freedom loving Americans.

We are the American People and we are watching, we are paying attention and we are not happy. I urge you to re-examine your decision to support these anti-liberty policies and legislation.

Let your voice ring out to a freedom loving people that you will not allow any administration to stifle and end the liberties enjoyed by this great nation, liberties which have been paid for, many times over, by those who came before us. Put aside party politics and act on behalf of that liberty that it may continue for generations to come.

The Six
(Actually, I put in my name and hometown but I won't post that here just yet. The left is a rabid dog and I'd like to avoid the vandalism for as long as I can)

21 June 2009

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the Warrior Dads out there. The most important thing we do as men is raising our children, teaching them the lessons they need and supporting them as they go forward to take our places. We don't always succeed but we never shirk from that sacred duty.

As for me, I'm going to kick back and let my daughter, wife and granddaughter wait on me hand and foot.

It's good to be The Six on Fathers Day!

The Six

The American Way

I saw this on Gunslinger's Journal site and couldn't resist posting it here. It's powerful.
The Six

The American Way
by Alan KorwinApril 19, 2009, Prescott, Ariz. (posted here May 21, 2009)

I was fortunate to be invited to a meeting of thirteen deep-thinking well-educated men recently, and for two-and-a-half hours over lunch we examined some of the critical issues of our time, from our perspective.
The question came up, "What Is America?" and I ask you today, "What is America?"
It seems to me this is a question without an answer, because America is as many things as there are people to define it. It is a complex and huge topic that could fill encyclopedias and not scratch the surface.
But it dawned on me that a few fundamental principles of America stand out. These are the principles that have made America great. These are the reasons America is a shining beacon of real hope for the entire world, such as the world has never known. These are guidelines that people have adopted in their hearts, instilled in their families. These are understandings that drive people from their homes across the entire planet and to our borders. These fundamental principles are The American Way, and this can be described.
I've been a champion of The American Way for as long as I can remember, and way before I even knew that this was what I was championing.
The American Way is hard work. It is keeping the benefits of your hard work. It is ownership of private property, and the sanctity of a contract between people.
It is the idea that you and you alone own the fruits of your labors. It is the idea -- of paramount importance -- of self ownership. You and you alone own and are responsible for you. It's a tautology. The king doesn't own you. The state doesn't own you. You own you.
This is not a right you demand, or get from the state, or earn. It is a fundamental right of the fact that you exist. It is a right that comes from your Creator, by nature. It is the natural order of things. And it is honored here like nowhere else -- that's why we've achieved so much.
The American Way is the idea that all you Americans can make something of yourselves, because you are free to do so. This is the great magnet that draws people here. In 2006, net immigration into 78 nations from Albania to Zimbabwe was below zero -- people were fleeing. In America in that year, more than two million people, risking life, limb, family and arrest, walked across blinding miles of blazing snake-infested desert to get here. That says something. Half got caught and sent back. Half snuck in. Those are problems for another time, but that raw drive speaks volumes about what we have accomplished that their native lands have not.--In one of the documents that helped start our country, Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith, published in the year of our founding, 1776, he described principles that drive The American Way (although it was too early for him to call it that). Wealth of Nations, in the country's infancy, identified what has led to unprecedented opulence, prosperity abundance, opportunity and freedom that is The American Way.
Smith recognized that private property, free trade, self interest, limited government and division of labor were the basics of capitalism and cornerstones of personal freedom and economic security.--So these are the factors that make you and me special, and make the land we live in special, and attract many non-Americans to this special place, seeking to be Americans. But along with the teeming masses yearning to be free are undesirable miscreants seeking to leach off our success, eat out our substance and do us harm, who must be resisted. Col. Jeff Cooper put it plainly: Some people prey on other people. I don't like it. That's just the way it is.
So I ask you: Do you intend to preserve, protect and defend these special attributes that make us what we are? You bet we do! Will you resist the constant forces that seek to diminish, denigrate, defeat and delete these special attributes? You bet we will!
The American Way can be summed up, not perfectly, and not for all cases, but it can be summed up for our purposes: The American Way is the idea that the people are the rulers and the rulers are the servants. Have we strayed from this? Yes. Does that make it less true or less valuable or less right? Not at all.
The American Way is the rule of law, individual responsibility and government of limited delegated powers only. It is free markets, free enterprise, low taxes, entrepreneurship and capitalism. The American Way is moral and just and yes, has a strong religious underpinning, whatever your religion may be -- so long as your religion does not include forcible coercion of others. It is "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you," but definitely not, "You better submit to our way," no matter how strongly convinced that your way is right.
Convince people to follow and you follow the precepts that drive much of what we are. Force people, and you are by definition the enemy of The American Way. Neither political party has a really good score card on this.
The American Way is what has generated the most opulent, abundant, prosperous, generous, productive, creative, inventive and loving society the world has ever known, light years ahead of whatever is in second place. Our politicians have lost support because they've abandoned our goals.
The idea that such a land could even exist was beyond the comprehension of earlier societies -- the ideas that made it possible had not been invented yet. The uniquely American ideals of freedom were born here. They were birthed by a lucky confluence that skeptics might say were coincidental. True believers might say it was destiny, or divine providence. And who knows who's right. The important thing is that it happened.
Our natural geography, limits of technology, self-selected pioneers and thinkers in a brave new land, the abuses and usurpations of a tyrant, the homogeneous nature of voluntary leaders, simultaneous existence of so many geniuses in one place and one time, an abundance of natural resources, existence of such vast expanses of untapped wilderness -- all contributed to the damn lucky creation of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights that set us on our way.
When people are turned free to do what they will, they do what we have seen here. Acting in your own self interest, you persevere, plant and harvest great seeds of innovation and wealth. And great wealth results from the work of your loins. True Americans, recognizing the great blessings that have been bestowed upon us, share those fruits, like no society before us has ever done. Americans donate and share more food, more wealth, more health care, more humanitarian aid, more power of righteous self defense, than the world has ever seen -- without exception.
And what of guns? Guns, guns, guns, they are so American. All nations have guns, but only in a scant few do the people have guns. And only in America is there a wildly western tradition of a gun for everyman. Only in America is there broad understanding that guns save lives. Guns stop crime. Guns keep you safe. Guns deter evil. Guns are good.
Colt, Remington, Winchester, Browning, Smith and Wesson -- is it just coincidence that Americans have guns, and use guns, and have invented some of the finest firearms ever known -- and the fact that America has been the freest nation on earth? It is not coincidence. Guns are why America is still free.
We know and easily accept that you can't let slaves have guns and expect them to remain slaves. Does that mean that if the forces of darkness were to succeed in their endless effort to disrupt our long-standing balance and disarm peaceful, innocent Americans, that America would devolve into slavery? Is it safe to confiscate guns from the innocent? I'm not eager to find out!
Why is it safe to give all those dangerous guns to other people, just because they have government jobs and are paid with your tax money? Why can they be trusted any more than any of you who actually earn the money that pays them? What magical writing says guns are OK but only if rulers have them all? Where does it say that a man in government is more trustworthy than a man in his own home?
We know that just the opposite is true. It is our resistance to the bad idea that only leadership should have power that put power into the hands of the people and created The American Way. It is the understanding that the power to govern is only legitimate if it comes from the consent of the governed. When the power to govern is disconnected from consent, you have classic tyranny, no checks on leadership, only those latitudes leadership arbitrarily decides to offer. That, my friends, is the Anti-American Way.
Guns are indeed why America is still free. Guns in the hands of the masses help assure that leadership cannot just run wild. It stops them short. Guns are power to the people.
Slaves must be disarmed. Americans must never be disarmed. A disarmed docile subservient America would cease to be the magic magnet it is.
Now, there's corrosion in the aging machinery of The American Way. Jefferson's warning that the natural tendency is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground is true, and 200 years of yielding and gaining have taken us to a strange place.
Our great strides forward are at grave risk today. The idea of true human freedom, freedom from the state, freedom from arbitrary rule, appeal to a power higher than any government or man can exert -- these are what give us what we have. Today, far too many people, influenced by dastardly powers, reject the very things that give them the power to speak out against us.
We are now infested with czars -- a drug czar, an education czar, an environment czar, and now even a border czar. Czars are horrors yet we're embracing them, welcoming them into our midst. Czars are toxic waste, destroyers of freedom, autocratic tyrants who have no place in our system. Yet they are praised and promoted with glee by our failed "news" media. Tolerance of czars is a repugnant result of the insidious success of political correctness. Czars should be removed and replaced with representatives.
But our representatives need to be replaced with representatives, because they've long since left the scene.
We have reached a point where our laws are written by secretive government operators and clandestine conspirators, creeps working in deep basements without the light of public scrutiny, who draft endless edicts that cannot be read by a person of decent education. The edicts are thrust upon our elected hollow men, who are coerced and intimidated into signing before they have read what they are handed, and saddle us with unacceptable, anti-American crap whose contents they don't know.
Think about that. The laws are now written by people you don't know, can't name, can't see, signed by people without reading or understanding, and then held against you at the point of a government gun and prison. That, my fellow Americans, is corrupt. It is tyrannical. It is intolerable.
Our elected participants should fall to their knees in shame and tears for what they are complicit in forcing upon this great nation and its people. But they show no shame. They justify, and excuse and continue. How much further must that travesty go on before a few heads are on pikes on the K Street bridge? A bridge, by the way, actually named after Francis Scott Key, the author of the Star Spangled Banner.
Tyranny has its appeal. Especially in the young, a desire to follow rather than lead burns hot. It's easy to be sheep, to obey, to stand in line, take what's handed you, care not for the higher values. They are far from the roots that got this tree growing. And their schooling, run by the very government that schooling is supposed to tame and keep in check, encourages the collectivist antithesis of The American Way.
Freedom is hard work, but worth it. Socialism, the Anti-American Way and our arch enemy, seems easy, because it runs on other people's money and sweat. Too many Americans today have had their values turned upside down and actually crave socialism, or can't even tell the difference between craven collectivism and freedom's liberation.________
We have our share of difficulties, and our ability to surmount them looks increasingly grim. And when you're the big dog, as freedom has made America, people and groups and nations and even ideologies nip at your feet.
The have nots, the do nots, the know nots, freeloaders and the useful idiots wound up into a frenzy by people of ill will and a disgraceful media, seek to take you down. Seek to hurt you. Seek to diminish your accomplishments, cast aspersions on your greatness, work to undermine your success, mean-mouth your achievements, deny, rewrite and twist history to say it isn't so. They would rather pick at the nits than recognize how far America has drawn humanity out of the primordial goo.
Americans know our greatness. America haters hate our greatness. Too many of our own countrymen are misled, misguided, propagandized and brainwashed into hating -- blind fuming hatred -- of the very hand that feeds them.
America haters are the most pernicious, deceitful and hate-filled enemies of all that is good and prosperous and productive and beneficial to humanity. Too many exist within our midst, in our Congress and schools and newsrooms and within the bureaus of the czars. And they are clever, and devilish in their cunning, and left unchecked they will indeed ruin the greatest society the planet has ever seen, and then dance in the bloody gore of the havoc they reek.
If you believe in The American Way, if you have benefited from The American Way, if you want your children and their children and generations to come both here and abroad to bask in the glory of The American Way, then you need to rise up -- in all your righteous glory and indignation -- and denounce the siren song of those who would rend and ridicule what we have achieved.
You need to always say the obvious, and flatly refuse to participate in the debilitating socialist disease of political correctness! Don't joke about it, which reinforces it, denounce it! You need to substitute e pluribus unum -- "From Many, One" for the leftwing sickness of multicultural divisiveness. You need to know that belief in limited government, low taxation, delegated powers, free markets, free enterprise, gun ownership, religion and personal responsibility makes you a moderate not an extremist. Those who tell you to reject these core American values, they are the extremists. The extremists are calling the moderates extreme, and the media helps sing that song. Clinging to The American Way makes you a centrist, a moderate centrist. Only a vile and corrupt media could see it otherwise and then promote an upside-down cake of the truth.
You must loudly and publicly reject laws that violate the separation of Congress and the States, laws that violate the 10th Amendment by delegating forbidden powers, laws that grow government illegally, laws that use color and sex and language to force compliance, quotas, and deceptive non-equality. Equal treatment under the law, not enforced treats and benefits through income redistribution. Special treatment to favored groups is the behavior of tyrants. We are and must remain a nation built on merit and compassion, not central dictates and giving away your money to other people.
You can do all these things, and keep America at her heights of glory. You can for generations to come preserve all the things that made America great and this shining beacon of liberty it has been for more than two centuries. You need to ask yourself, of every proposal that comes down the pike from central government, state government, local government, media pundits and all others who profess to know what's right for you, "Does it maximize freedom?"
Does it maximize freedom, that's the question. That's the benchmark.
If it maximizes freedom, it's good. That's what our Founders knew. That's what got us to this great pinnacle of success from which we are now slipping. If it would do good but does not maximize freedom, it must be rejected. If government could take action -- but has no authority to do so, it must be rejected. There is always another way. The American Way.
Thank you, and may God bless America.

Contact:Alan Korwin BLOOMFIELD PRESS "We publish the gun laws."
4848 E. Cactus #505-440
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Phone 602-494-0679
FAX 1-800-707-4020
Orders http://www.gunlaws.comhttp://www.gunlaws.comalan@gunlaws.com/
Call, write, fax or click for a free full-color catalog
Encourage politicians to pass more laws...with expiration dates.

20 June 2009


I remain completely unconvinced that contacting these people to express my outrage and directing them in 'what the right thing to do is' has any effect but some out there disagree with me. Well, never let it be said that The Six is too stubborn to learn anything (Yes, that is in fact my wife in the background snickering). In that vein I offer the following contact info for all my fellow Californians with the note that I will be writing to them all in the very near future. And yes, I will post copies here for your general amusement. If you feel likewise inclined, send me a copy and I'll post it here.

The Six

Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, Ca. 95814
Phone: 916-445-2841
Fax: 916-445-4633
E-mail: http://gov.ca.gov/interact
Web Site: http://gov.ca.gov
Barbara Boxer
112 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
Phone: 202-224-3553

1700 Montgomery St., Ste. 240
San Francisco, Ca. 94111
Phone: 415-403-0100
Diane Feinstein
331 Hart senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
Phone: 202-224-3841

One Post St., Ste. 2450
San Francisco, Ca. 94104
Phone: 415-393-0707
Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, D.C. 20500
Phone: 202-456-1111
Fax: 202-456-2561
E-mail: president@whitehouse.gov

19 June 2009

Feeling The Heat?

Unadulterated BS. BHO's response to criticism. I love this!

Interviewed on CNBC Tuesday, President Obama vented his displeasure with FOX News, the cable network whose own senior vice president of programming has called it "the voice of the opposition" to the Obama administration.

Here's Obama:
"First of all, I've got one television station entirely devoted to attacking my administration."

Clearly referring to FOX, the president continued:
"Well, that's a pretty big megaphone," he said. "And you'd be hard-pressed, if you watched the entire day, to find a positive story about me on that front."We welcome people who are asking us some, you know, tough questions," he continued. "And I think that I've been probably as accessible as any president in the first six months -- press conferences, taking questions from reporters, being held accountable, being transparent about what it is that we're trying to do. I think that, actually, the reason that people have been generally positive about what we've tried to do is they feel as if I'm available and willing to answer questions, and we haven't been trying to hide them all."

Um. Ok. Let me see if I've got this right.

Every news outlet is scrambling over each other in an effort to be first lick BHO's jackboots. Except Fox. And that makes it okay for the President of The United States of America to attack them publicly?

He "welcomes people who are asking some, you know, tough questions?" Like what? I'll just wait here while you give me some examples. Hmmmm. Hmmmm. Whistle while I work.

No? Can't think of any? Me either. Oh I've heard so called reporters slobber and toss softballs. Get tingles up their legs and liken BHO to God but no, I haven't heard any of the msm ask "tough questions." Yeah, we understand BHO's true feelings about real "tough questions."

BHO's press conferences? Masturbatory sessions with MSNBC and the rest acting as fluffers. He's never said anything of substance in a press conference in his life. BHO uses them as opportunities to lie about the lies he told in his last press conference.

People are "generally positive about what we've tried to do?" Hey BHO. You check any public opinion polls recently? Obama Job Approval Dips Below 60% for First Time.
5 months in and your polls are slipping in spite of the msm working directly for you. Get ready for the ride down pal, it's gonna be a doozy.

This is who BHO is. A spoiled would be King who throws a tantrum when anyone criticizes him. "Open and transparent?" "Nothing to hide?" Please. Don't make me laugh. I'm trying to type here.

Don't be fooled for a minute. Things are starting to finally heat up and the blogosphere and Fox are the only reason. Gives me a warm fuzzy. BHO is feeling the pain and that's a very good thing. The more pressure he feels the sooner he'll crack. Then he'll be revealed in all his socialist glory and The American People can fire him and his stooges and get us back on the road to freedom and prosperity.

The Six

New Link

Ok, I found a new blogger and you're going to love him.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris. The site is Magic Negro Watch and it's absolutely great. He's not afraid to talk about anything and he hates what BHO and his band of merry usurpers are doing to America.

The first post of his I read talked about racism and buying a new car. (Hint: It's not about the car, it's about subtle racism (or not so much to an observant man) and the way it's manifest in this age of political correctness).

Which brings me back to BHO. I really don't care what someone believes or wants I just want them to be honest about it. If you're an asshole then be the best asshole you can be. Don't try and hide your assholeness behind a facade of 'all things to all people' while you're really thinking "fuck these people, I wanna screw them all". We all know you're an asshole. You're not fooling anyone so why not just be yourself?

It's because if you come right out and say "I'm an asshole, deal with it" no one will want to play with you except those who happen to love assholes.

No, I'm not talking about that you sick bastards, I'm talking about people with no self esteem who are looking for "The One" who can lead them to a land of milk and honey and will follow any asshole who promises to love them and take care of them forever. Doesn't matter if he slaps them around a little or chains them up in the basement. That just means he loves them and wants to protect them from everything. Even themselves.

All they have to do is whatever the asshole says. No such people you say? Ask the Branch Davidians. Or the followers of Jim Jones, or the Germans or..... Well you get the idea. Now it's BHO.

Here's the punchline. BHO didn't get elected by asshole lovers. Not directly anyway. He got elected by a bunch of people who fell for the bullshit being orally expelled by the BHO asshole lovers. Oh, they're all asshole lovers now, they have to be. And BHO, he loves them all right back, each and every one. Just ask him.

Of course, BHO does lie.

He never came right out and said "Hey, I'm an asshole. Vote for me". No, no. BHO is a stealth asshole. The true asshole lovers (Geitner, Biden, Ayers, Sotomayor, Wright, et al) always knew exactly what an asshole he was. They just corrupted and compromised the media to portray him as a hero and cover up his obvious extreme liberal agenda and viola! An asshole in the Oval Office. Apparently the msm is no longer a reliable asshole detector. Unless you're a conservative.

Now we're all involuntary asshole lovers and BHO is busy bitch slapping us into serfdom.

Better not say anything though. BHO might get mad. And when BHO gets mad smackdowns are laid. Just ask Gerald Walpin and the ACORN whistleblowers.

But it's Ok. BHO loves us and promises to stop the beatings just as soon as we stop making him do those things (See what you made me do?).

See how easy it is?

The Six

05 June 2009

A Letter To GM

Goodbye GM. I loved you for oh so many years but I'm afraid the time has come to go our separate ways.

Listen, it's not me it's you. Oh, I know it's not all your fault but it is mostly your fault. You didn't have to take the government money only to wind up exactly where everyone knew you'd be all along. Bankruptcy court. You could have done the right thing and just filed Chapter 11 and told King O and his court of jesters to go piss up a rope. I mean you were a private company after all. I would have loved you and supported you until you could get back on your feet. You chose to prostitute yourself instead.

You took the cowardly way out and threw yourselves at the feet of a man determined to make slaves of us all. You gave yourself to him and let him have his way with you and now he's one step closer to absolute power. And you helped him.

That is not forgivable.

I've loved GM cars and trucks since I was a kid. Most of the adults I grew up around owned and worked on a Bowtie. From a 66 Caprice with a big block and console shifter to my 69 Chevelle with a 396 and 4 speed I have always been drawn to you. My first new vehicle was a 1978 GMC pickup I drove and loved. I cried when my first child was born and finances dictated I sell her. I've had your Camaro's, pickups, even my dream car, a Corvette. I still own that Corvette, a fact I'm sure you are supremely uninterested in now. I've had a Chevrolet of one kind or another for as long as I can remember.

I have spent sleepless nights worrying about you. I have watched the news with mounting horror as I saw you fall further and further into the seductive grasp of a Lothario. You've prostituted yourself to a man who does not now and never will love you as I have. A man who is using you for his own selfish aims and who will dispose of you like a used condom when your usefulness to him is finished. You have tossed me aside for the chance to be a fluff girl for pornography peddler. I have been faithful to you literally all my life. I showered you with my love, attention and money. All to no avail. You have shit on me and all those like me. The punch line is that ultimately you'll fail anyway. No decent person would want you now.

No more.

As of this minute I am done with you. No more will you be able to count on my love and support. No more will you find me wandering through your lots, planning our future together. I will, in the fullness of time, divest myself of all things GM and I will buy no more forever. Even my beloved Corvette. Though she is a remembrance of the good times, those times are now past. The very sight of her makes me sad for what was and what could have been. I will never buy a GM product again. Ever.

You were my beloved, GM. I feel nothing for you now but disgust.

I have not given up on love quite yet though. While you've been out whoring yourself I've been seeing a new girl. One I've overlooked in the past. She's sweet and sexy and a 100 percent American Girl. Her name is Ford and I think I may love her. It is her lots I have been visiting. Her cars and trucks I will be sending my money on and my time with. She's been tested and found worthy of my respect and admiration. She's my girl now. That's right. I've bought an F250 and I've got my eye on a sexy Mustang. Already the sting is not so sharp.

So, GM, this is it. The big goodbye. I'll not pretend we didn't have some great times together because we did. But you've betrayed me and I cannot get past that. It's time for me to move on.

You broke my heart GM. You broke my heart.

The Six

04 June 2009


I took a little time off while I dealt with some...stuff. I won't bore you with the details. But now I am back and even more pissed off than I was before.

Every day the Emperor finds a new way to shit on My America. I've even started to seriously entertain the idea that secession may be the only chance left to save the American Dream. You know, the one we and our fathers and grandfathers back to the beginning of this great country fought, sweated and bled to create? The one the emperor is absolutely destroying? Yeah, that one.

I've been watching the news and reading my favorite bloggers and really, there's just too much to comment on my first time back so I'll cut this short and leave you with this:

"Most codes extend their definitions of treason to acts not really against one's country. They do not distinguish between acts against the government, and acts against the oppressions of the government. The latter are virtues, yet have furnished more victims to the executioner than the former, because real treasons are rare; oppressions frequent. The unsuccessful strugglers against tyranny have been the chief martyrs of treason laws in all countries." --Thomas Jefferson: Report on Spanish Convention, 1792.

Oh, I've added a new blogger to the favorites list, The Gunslingers Journal. He's got a great site so go there and read his stuff. Fabulous.

The long ride is upon us. Saddle up.

The Six