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31 May 2011

Building Ordered

Now that the slab is done it's time for an actual building to go there. I went online and ordered it today. It ships truck freight from Ihavenoideawhereusa and is scheduled to be delivered on or before June 10th (nothing like a firm delivery date), right to my driveway.

This is my building. Here's why I chose to go this way.

A comparable wooden building would have cost me anywhere between 10 and 15 thousand to build, depending on some choices like trusses, sheathing, entrance door(s) and shingles. In this building everything is built in and comes in a kit. I don't need all the inspections that go along with custom buildings either; framing, sheathing, roofing, etc., ad nauseaum. I'd even have to either buy custom trusses or pay an engineer to either design them or sign off on my design before they'd Ok construction. This way it's no muss, no fuss. For $4200 out the door I get a sturdy, engineered building with a 15 year guarantee. It'll take me a weekend to put up (He said knowing Murphy was laughing his ass off and making plans for a visit to Hurricane and the Six household in the very near future) and I'll be done with this project at a little less than five grand total. Not bad for a 434 sq. ft. garage/shop/storage building. I'll post build pics and a rating of the quality of the building. I'll be as brutally honest as I can, just in case anyone else is considering such a project.

Man, I need to get this finished. My honeydo list is a mile long but most of it I can't even begin until this is built. It just better be right. It's not like I can start this process all over again.



Ed Rasimus said...

Best of luck, but I'm not optimistic. We've got a lot of these types in N. Texas. It seems like they pop up on vacant lot sales yards with a dozen sizes and shapes on display. Some can be quite sturdy and offer reinforcements, configurable windows, interior shelving and more. Some are little more than places to store the lawn tractor and fishing rods.

Will by forwarding best wishes for your project to Odin, et. al. Good luck with it and post pictures.

wv: aushed: either a description of a remarkable building or an expletive upon unpacking the box.

Six said...

I appreciate all the good thoughts and prayers I can get Ed. It is a risk. If it turns out to be a disaster I'll just quietly disappear and disavow all knowledge of anyone with the pseudonym Six, construction in general and take up stamp collecting.

Sarge said...

Oh I'd love to set on my front porch and watch this operation. I could go maybe 10 seconds without offering my expert advise. Hmmmm maybe it's a good thing I'm in VA.

Six said...

Hey Sarge, I could use the help!!