'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

16 November 2011

A Challenge

Michael, master holster maker and general leather crafter, has decided it's time to quit smoking. It's a very tough thing to do and when I read about it I went over to his blog to leave him some words of support. Reading his words, I got inspired.

I don't smoke but I do have a habit just as bad. I dip Skoal. Have for about 30 years. I've tried to quit and failed a few times. I always thought I'd do it one day but one day turned into two, then weeks, months, years and I still have that monkey riding me like a rented mule. So I made Michael a wager of sorts.

If we can both kick our respective habits by the end of the year I'll take the money I would have spent feeding my addiction and use it to purchase one of Michael's beautiful custom holsters for Lu. Talk about motivation. I dropped the comment with the challenge on Michael and he's all in. Because that's just the kind of guy he is. Now we both have a carrot dangling before us as well. Can you say Win/Win?

I can't decide if Lu's cheering us on for the health benefits or because there's a beautiful holster awaiting her should we be successful. (I'm betting on the health thing because that's just who she is but that holster is pretty darn nice icing)

Michael, thank you for the inspiration and taking me up on this challenge, it's just what I needed to do what I should have done a long time ago. As a man who has built his own business out of his courage and skills I know you can do it and hopefully drag me along on your coattails. I do fancy myself as a man with a certain amount of discipline so know that I am committed to wholehearted to this. Hang in there my brother, we're adding money to our pockets and cancer free years to our lives.

Good luck to us both. Words of encouragement to two men trying to give up the scourge of nicotine addiction will be greatly appreciated. Lu has promised not to take any sudden attack of the grumpies by yours truly personally. Angus has promised to take me for lots of walks. I've got a store of gum laid in.

I'm ready.

Today is Day One for me.


Update: Michael left me a comment that maybe others might want to join us so I'll invite anyone with a tobacco jones to join us in kicking the habit. I'm on day one but Michael is tobacco free since Saturday. Angus is doing his part, he hauled me and Chrisi out to Jem Trail for a nice hike.


Sarge said...

The thing that helped me quit was to admit I was addicted to both nicotine and Alcohol I was able with the good lords help to quit both on the same day. I didn't want to be addicted to anything and have it run my life. It's not easy and to this day I still have a graving for both. It does get easier just do it like Bill said one day at a time.

Evyl Robot Michael said...

Good job Six! Maybe we should bully some other tobacco users into this stunt! I'm still tobacco free since Saturday night.

Six said...

Thanks Pop. I was thinking about you two and I draw strength from the fact that you guys did it.

Great idea Michael. I think we should do just that. I'll update my post inviting others to join us. Good job. Sarge said it, one day at a time.

instinct said...

I'm proud of both of you for doing this.

I don't have a tobacco habit to kick, but i am working on dropping about 35 lbs so that is my cross to bear.

Six said...

Well heck, join us Instinct. Set a goal for the end of the year and put it out there. Michael and I will totally support you.

LauraB said...

Guess who is on Day 17 of No Dip? Yep, Trooper decided (when insurance wanted to add $30/mo for the habit) that he would give it up. He'd done it once before and has done very well this time.

Before he used a product called Bacc Off which was Very Effective.

This time it was beef jerky and sunflower seeds and sheer will power. He has moved beyond the really hard part and is in the occasional habit remembrance stage, now.

I recommend A LOT of pink grapefruit juice - it is what helped me quit smoking (cold turkey) after 15 yrs of smoking. Big glasses 3 x day...

CONGRATS on meeting the challenge!! And you can call Trooper anytime you need some support!

Six said...

You're a rock as well as rocking Laura. Thanks for the support and ideas. I'm open to anything that'll help and I promise to check or try them all out. And thanks Trooper for me will ya? 17 days? The man is an inspiration!

LauraB said...

You got it, friend...and I promise - if you can just get through the first few weeks (crying, screaming, pouting) that you will be okay. Stay strong!!