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17 February 2012

Training Help For Those In Dire Need

DaddyBear over at DaddyBear's Den has a post up in his Thought For The Day. In it he ponders setting up a foundation to arm people who have a protective order against someone violent but cannot arm themselves. In the meantime he offers his expertise to train anyone who is armed but untrained and who is in similar dire circumstances. I echo his thoughts and make the same pledge.

If you're someone who is in fear of your life at the hands of another who is a violent sociopath and you have access to a legally owned firearm and in need of instruction in the southern Utah area give me a holler. Especially if you're female and there's a domestic violence restraining order/protective order against him. Sexist? Maybe but it's also reality. Women are horribly vulnerable in these circumstances and the ratio of male offenders to female is astronomical. I saw way too much of this when I was a cop and if I can help I will. I have a couple of nice little .22s that we can start with and then transition to your self defense gun. I'll provide the .22 ammo and cover any range fees and if you're in a real bind I can also part with a little duty ammo as long as it's in a caliber I have in stock. I am not a professional but I do hold firearms instructor certifications from the NRA, Sacramento County Sheriff and FBI as well as 15 years of a 24 year career spent teaching shooting to other cops.

I mentioned to DaddyBear that we should try and take this viral. We gunnies talk about about this stuff a lot, it's time for me and those who agree to take another step. If we can help we should.


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