'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

31 March 2013

Sunday Kipling

The weather has definitely turned warmer. It's shorts and lightweight shirts.

Happy Easter to you all and may we remember the reason for the Day. Dinner this evening with Sarge and MIL but in the meantime a good hike with Angus, our miracle dog.

I hope this day finds you all with good food and better company.

Divided Destinies

It was an artless Bandar
and he danced upon a pine,
And much I wondered how he lived, 
and where the beast might dine,
And many many other things, till, 
o'er my morning smoke,
I slept the sleep of idleness 
and dreamt that Bandar spoke.

He said: "O man of many clothes! 
Sad crawler on the Hills!
Observe, I know not Ranken's shop, 
nor Ranken's monthly bills!
I take no heed to trousers 
or the coats that you call dress;
Nor am I plagued with little cards 
for little drinks at Mess.

"I steal the bunnia's grain 
at morn, at noon and eventide,
(For he is fat and I am spare), 
I roam the mountain side,
I follow no man's carriage, 
and no, never in my life
Have I flirted at Peliti's 
with another Bandar's wife.

"O man of futile fopperies 
unnecessary wraps;
I own no ponies in the hills, 
I drive no tall-wheeled traps.
I buy me not twelve-button gloves, 
'short-sixes' eke, or rings,
Nor do I waste at Hamilton's 
my wealth on 'pretty things.'

"I quarrel with my wife at home, 
we never fight abroad;
But Mrs. B. has grasped the fact 
I am her only lord.
I never heard of fever dumps 
nor debts depress my soul;
And I pity and despise you!" 
Here he pouched my breakfast-roll.

His hide was very mangy 
and his face was very red,
And ever and anon he scratched 
with energy his head.
His manners were not always nice,
but how my spirit cried
To be an artless Bandar 
loose upon the mountain side!

So I answered: -- "Gentle Bandar
and inscrutable Decree
Makes thee a gleesome fleasome Thou, 
and me a wretched Me.
Go! Depart in peace, my brother, 
to thy home amid the pine;
Yet forget not once a mortal wished 
to change his lot for thine."


Home on the Range said...

Please give my best to Lu, Sarge and MIL. I go on call at midnight so it will be a quiet evening in the crash pad with Barkley. EJ overseas saving the world, and all is quiet here.

Happy Easter.

Six said...

Thanks Brigid, I will. I hope it's a quiet night. We'll be keeping you two and EJ in our thoughts.

Old NFO said...

A quiet night is good, and Happy Easter to you and Lu!

Six said...

Thanks NFO!