'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

25 June 2010

Rabid Sheepdogs

Borepatch has a great post up about the New Orleans PD and some murderous officers this morning. Read it here. There is a lot of information out there but I think BP covers it as well as anyone (and better than most) and he links to all the relevant sources. I'm not covering the story, I'm simply speaking out.

I simply don't have strong enough words to express my fury at what the New Orleans PD officers did during and after Katrina. There may have been some who acted appropriately, even heroically but I've seen no evidence. What I have seen evidence of is looting, illegal confiscation of citizens weapons, murder and cover ups.

Sheepdogs, or those who purport themselves to be sheepdogs, who turn and attack the flock are worse than the wolves. They have no place in our society and they must be removed. I am a supporter of the death penalty. Even absent deterrence (and I'm not convinced it has no deterrent value) at the very least those people will never again have the opportunity to again victimize others. I am a supporter of the death penalty in this case as well. The officers who brutally and callously murdered those people on the bridge and even those who tried so hard to cover up the atrocity should be subject to that ultimate penalty. Those who lied and schemed and did their best to cover up such an abhorrent crime have bought into the murders as surely as if they had pulled the trigger. It's called accessory after the fact and it should draw the same penalty.

I am a Warrior. I am a Police Officer (retired). I am a Soldier. I am a Sheep dog. I recognize danger and I recognize threat and I recognize when it's time to growl and when it's time to kill.

There are no excuses. There is no justification. There can be no doubt. Such men deserve neither pity nor mercy for what pity or mercy did they show their victims? If we as a society can mandate death for the heinous killers among us how can we exclude these men? The fact of their positions as police officers isn't a mitigating factor, rather it is all the more damning. They were supposed to risk their lives to serve and protect. Instead they turned on the flock and savaged the helpless. It cannot be tolerated.

Yes, I love my brothers and sisters in blue. The same way I love them in green or camouflage or khaki. But these men have removed themselves from that love. They have dishonored themselves and every man and woman in the profession. I am shamed and indeed, I feel dishonored.

If it were possible I would volunteer to flip the switch or pull the trigger that ends these evil men's lives. That will not happen but let those of us who honor our fallen brothers and sisters, who love freedom and liberty and America remain watchful for the creeping evil that has again shown it's fangs and never tolerate nor fail to attack those who would do harm to the flock.

Lest we lose our very souls.



Borepatch said...

Six, the problem with rabid sheepdogs is that it makes the loyal sheepdogs look bad.

But I'm with you - if Louisiana thinks it's fine to execute someone who shoots a person in the back and kills them, then it seems to apply to these punks as well.

Six said...

It does indeed BP and the power to alter that lies in our own hands. We must do a better job of pruning our own trees. It is beyond belief that the first inclination anyone had that they were bad was this incident. I guarantee there were warning signs well before this. Who then is to blame? Everyone who worked with them, the entire chain of command, everyone who ever even heard anything bad about them.

Everyone in law enforcement who has ever overlooked criminal or abusive behavior anywhere has contributed to the atmosphere that allows such criminals to be hired and remain on the force. It is beyond reprehensible.

I have zero problem, ZERO, saying these poor excuses for men deserve to be stood up against the wall. Anything less is s slap in the face to all Americans.

But there is plenty of responsibility to go around.